Einstein #1, 2008
Full-color comic book, 48 pages, 10-1/8” x 6-5/8”
Designed and illustrated by Mungo Thomson, colored by Emily Warren
Co-published with Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles


This is a fascinating 50ish page comic by LA artist Mungo Thomson. The narrative follows a first person perspective traveling out from a seemingly abandoned space station down to an equally mysteriously vacant earth. The viewer watches a series of cataclysmic events further transform the, seemingly endless, metropolitan terrestrial landscape until a cosmic electrical disturbance sends the viewer through time and space. Potential worlds and life is created and destroyed. 

Time plays an ambiguous role in the story sometimes it feels like time is progressing in inches and other times seems to hurtle forward or backwards. Scenes depicting cities on earth show minute changes, rather than paneling to a new scene or ‘action’.  We are unsure of our relation to the city.

The empty cities are full of offices cluttered with papers that bear no imprint of human language - as if they were put their by some singular act of creation. Either this is a world where man is a distant memory - or one where no creating soul ever existed.

In the end the journey comes full circle, a beautiful ouroboros of a cosmology.